Choose the Right Type of Zippers



Coil Zipper

Coil zippers are mostly made of nylon, and the chain teeth just looks like coils, so they are called coil zippers. Coil zipper is suitable for objects with curved surfaces, such as suitcases.

Metal Zipper

Metal zippers are available in copper, bronze, silver, nickel colors, etc., and are mostly used on jeans or jackets to create a sense of conflict between different materials.

Plastic Zipper

Plastic zippers have teeth made from polyester or nylon. Due to the strong lateral tension of the zipper teeth, it is suitable for objects that require high zipper combination.

Special Zipper

Waterproof zipper has a special waterproof treatment on the cloth belt, which is suitable for outdoor waterproof clothing. Invisible zipper can be sewn on the inside of the dress which is not easy to see from the outside.


Whether it’s coats, jackets, pants, backpacks, suitcases or even pillowcases, zippers may be used. How to choose the right zipper is very important! This article will tell you some knowledge of zipper, so that you wont’ buy wrong zippers when replacing them!

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